Fall Grass Roots

By Joe Zamboni

September 11, 2022

As we enter this fall Election season, grassroots efforts to turn out the vote and elect Democrats up and down the ballot are more vital than ever. Democratic voters and activists across the state are coming together to protect our rights as Mainers. 

Will you be joining us?

Read this email for information on:

PDCC meeting, September 15
Canvass Launch Party with Gov. Mills
September 17 Field internship with the Maine Dems
Requesting your absentee ballot!

PDCC September Meeting Discussion on Charter Commission Proposals

Thursday, Sep. 15, 6:30-8:00pm

This PDCC general meeting will include a discussion of the Charter Commission proposals as well as elections for PDCC Vice Chair and for Portland Representatives to the Cumberland County Democratic Committee.(Read the Charter Commission Ballot Questions here)(Tune in September 1st to City Council meeting for second reading of Charter Commission Ballot Questions here)

Canvass Launch Party with Governor Mills and Portland Dems!

Saturday, Sep. 17, 10am
(63 Stroudwater Rd., Portland)
Come join Governor Mills, PDCC, and the Maine Dems for this exciting Day of Action!

We’ll rally with Gov. Mills and then do the crucial work of knocking on doors of Portland voters to make sure we have high turnout in this election! Stay tuned for more details.

Intern with the Maine Dems..pass it on!

The Maine Dems are looking to hire a number of paid field interns between now and Election Day. The time commitment is 20 hours/week, at $15/hour. The internships may also be put toward school credit!
HERE is a link with more information and how to apply.

Request your Absentee Ballot today!

Lastly, don’t forget – we are now able to request our absentee ballots in the mail! Find all the information you need for voting HERE, including instructions on registering, voting by mail, and voting early in-person. Voting early is a fantastic way to make sure your vote gets counted, and takes some pressure off of busy polling places on Election Day!

Request your ballot online in these three easy steps:(or call the City Clerk’s Office at 874-8677 or 874-8610)

And save the date:

Thursday, October 20th, the PDCC general meeting will include discussions of the Citizen Initiative Referenda appearing on the November ballot.