Your $10 will help us reach 20 Portland voters

Portland Democratic City Committee

Yesterday we launched our new website to inform Portland voters about the Charter Commission candidates’ party and perspectives.

Now, we need to reach them in their mailboxes.

Because most Portland voters aren’t on our email list, we need to send them information through the mail–and that costs money.

Will you donate $10, $20 or even $100 to fund our voter information effort?

Every $10 you give helps us reach 20 more voters.

Please take two minutes to donate $10 or more online now!

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Help Reach Voters with the Portland Dems

To support Democratic charter candidates, the PDCC has already endorsed Democrat Marcques Houston in District 4, and will consider an endorsement at our next meeting for Democrat Ryan Lizanecz in District 5. Be part of the discussion and vote by registering for our May 20 meeting.

Please check out the website and share it with your friends, neighbors, and social networks.

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