Run to be a Portland Delegate at the Maine Democratic Convention

Here’s an exciting way to get involved with the Portland Dems in 2022: run to be one of Portland’s Delegates to the Maine Democratic Convention!

Volunteering as a State Delegate is a crucial way to make sure that Democrats in Portland are fully represented at the State Convention in May. Why is this important? Participating in the Convention is the best way to make sure the Democratic Party’s platform reflects our values. It’s so important to have Portland Democrats like you join the process and ensure that our voices shape what Democrats stand for in Maine.

The Convention is May 13-14, 2022. Delegates may participate either virtually from home or travel in-person to the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor. There will be exciting speakers, informative workshops, and voting sessions to make decisions about the Maine Democratic Party’s platform.

Nominations are open now through February 20, so nominate yourself today at (As Maine’s biggest city, Portland gets a large number of Delegates, so don’t be shy. Sign up!)

Elections for State Delegates will happen ONLINE from February 27 through March 6. Any registered Democrat can participate in the online election.

Building a brighter future for Maine will require all of us! Will you join me and serve as a Portland State Delegate this year?

I encourage you to check out the Maine Democratic Party’s website at to nominate yourself for State Delegate and for more details on the Party Elections process. And please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.