Portland Democrats had a great time this weekend chalking sidewalks, making phone calls, and writing postcards.  A huge thank you to everyone who organized these activities and got involved!  And I know we’re all drowning in emails right now, so I’ll make this one brief:

  • We have an important monthly meeting on Thursday at 6:30pm, where we will be discussing and voting on additional GOTV efforts and also engaging in a discussion and vote around the minimum wage referendum on Portland’s ballot this November. The agenda for Thursday’s meeting is here.  Registration is required – RSVP here!
  • If you were surprised and disappointed this weekend to find out that Portland does not offer Saturday absentee voting (like Westbrook does) or have a 24/7 drop box for absentee ballots (like many towns do), you’re not alone. Click here for the Portland City Council’s contact information, and reach out to them to say that Portland should offer weekend voting and a 24/7 drop box – just like so many other smaller towns across Maine.
  • The Maine Democratic Party has begun socially-distanced and masked canvassing, and is looking for volunteers to help out! There is a required hourlong training before you get started - click here to sign up!
  • Finally – the Portland Democratic City Committee is continuing to look for volunteers, for everything from making phone calls to distributing voting information flyers around Portland. Sign up here to join us!

22 days to go, let’s give it our all and go out and win!