Portland Democratic City Committee Goals

approved March 2017 by a vote of the membership

Programmatic Goals:

(1) develop a democratically-created local platform informed by the state platform that defines what we stand for and what we’re working to achieve;

(2) help pass two policies, guided by the platform and selected by the membership, into law this year; and

(3) help ensure strong turnout across the city in the 2017 election.


Organizational Goals:

(1) increase member engagement, including by developing an onboarding process, with (a) more people actively involved in subcommittees (b) more people taking on leadership roles, and (c) 15% growth in our email list;

(2) build and sustain active, self-driven, effective subcommittees;

(3) improve transparency and democratic governance; and

(4) increase engagement and communication with the Cumberland County Democratic Committee, Maine Democratic Party, and local resistance and social change organizations.