Meeting and Officer Election DATE CHANGED

As Portlanders, we join in mourning the loss of Amanda Rowe, nurse and advocate for children’s health, and extending our warmest sympathy to her husband, family and friends for this grievous loss.

In order not to conflict with services for Mrs. Rowe, we are moving our meeting up a week. The meeting and officer election will be Wednesday, July 31, at 5:30 p.m. in Conference Room 5 on the lower level of the Portland Public Library. 

Open positions are: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. All nominees must be members of the PDCC — that is, they must have attended two regular meetings OR participated in the 2012 caucus. While we welcome all registered Democrats to participate and discuss, only official members can vote. (This is mandated by our bylaws, and we realize that it may be an issue f0r some people; it may well be that the new officers will recommend changes to those bylaws, but we need to elect them first.)

After new officers are elected, we’ll have a brief discussion of upcoming elections, campaigns and events. We hope you can attend!

Democratic Senate Candidates Debate

On Saturday evening, March 31, from 5:30 to 7:30, the Portland Club will be hosting a debate between the Democratic primary candidates for the U.S. Senate. All four candidates who will be on the Democratic primary ballot have communicated their attention to take part in the debate.

The Democratic primary candidates are: Cynthia Dill, current State Senator from Cape Elizabeth; Matt Dunlap, of Old Town, a former State legislator and Secretary of State; Jon Hinck, current State senator from Portland; and Benjamin Pollard, a Portland businessman and educator.

The moderator for the Democratic event will be former Democratic State Legislator from Portland , Herb Adams.

This event is open to the public at no charge and there is free parking in back of the building.

The Portland Club is located at 156 state Street, just down from the Longfellow statue on the right, right before Mercy Hospital. There is a big American flag hanging from the front of the building.

Portland caucus minutes

Jill Barkley called the caucus to order at 2 p.m.

Voters elected Pat Washburn caucus secretary. She then presided over the election of Ms. Barkley as caucus chair.

Business Meeting

Ms. Barkley recognized the Portland Democratic Executive Committee, including Matt Moonen, James Romer, and Ms. Washburn. She also welcomed new people and encouraged those present to attend meetings of the city committee.

COUNTY COMMITTEE: Portland gets 46 members. Those who wish to participate may attend the next meeting March 18 in Brunswick. In the unlikely event that more than 46 people seek to represent Portland, an election will be held at that meeting.

PRESIDENTIAL PREFERENCE: The meeting unanimously affirmed President Barack Obama as our choice for another term in office.

STATE CONVENTION: Will be held in Augusta June 1-3 (more info). Delegates are asked to pay a registration fee of $40, but if anyone wants to be a delegate from Portland and cannot afford this, speak to an officer and we will make arrangements.

Portland has 269 delegates to the state convention, and can also name 269 alternates.

Ms. Barkley asked for a motion to suspend the rules to allow the caucus to vote as a committe of the whole to nominate anyone present who wishes to be a delegate to the state convention. The motion passed, as did the subsequent motion to name all volunteers as delegates.

ELECTION CLERKS: If you are interested in being an election clerk see Pat or Jill after we adjourn.

RAFFLE: Herb Adams presided over a raffle of a print of the S.S. Portland, to benefit the City Committee. This plus Mr. Romer’s passing of a stylish hat raised more than the meeting cost to put on! Added to the treasury to help support Dem candidates.

Ms. Barkley concluded the business meeting by encouraging participants to give $5 contributions to Clean Elections candidates.

SPEAKERS (note that this was before Sen. Snowe’s decision not to run for re-election, so the landscape has changed considerably):

U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree

U.S. Senate candidates
* Matt Dunlap
* Cynthia Dill
* Simon Thompson for Jon Hinck

Ms. Barkley recognized the following state and local elected officials present:

Sen. Justin Alfond
Sen. Joe Brannigan
Rep. Diane Russell
Rep. Jon Hinck
Rep. Peter Stuckey
Rep. Mark Dion
Rep. Steve Lovejoy
Rep. Denise Harlow
Rep. Anne Haskell

School Committee:

Justin Costa
Jenny Banel
Lori Davis

City Council:

Jill Duson
Mayor Michael Brennan

County Commissioner:  Jim Cloutier

Ms. Barkley recognized the following candidates

Anne Haskell, Senate District 9
Herb Adams, House District 119
Muhammad Dini, House District 119
Matt Moonen, House District 118
Dillon Bates, House District 118
Anthony Donovan, House District 117
Dick Farnsworth, House District 117
Donna Binder, House District 117
Denise Harlow, House District 116
Mallory Shaughnessy, House District 115
Eric Jorgensen, House District 115
Peter Stuckey, House District 114

County Commissioner:

Jim Cloutier
Esther Clenott

Register of Probate:

Nancy Thurber
Jack O’Brien

Obama for America:

Jeremy Fisher encouraged those present to attend the event March 30 with President Obama at Sable Oaks.

Equality Maine:
Jacob Walton encouraged those present to attend a community meeting Feb. 29, and to vote for marriage equality in November.

Dick Spencer was the raffle winner.

Attendees were invited to join the afterparty at Slainte.