Our Party Just Won the Senate

Did you hear the news? Georgia just elected two new Democratic Senators. The 2020 election is now finally over and the result is clear: the American people have chosen Democrats for the Presidency and for control of both chambers of Congress.

We in Portland are part of this victory. We organized, we volunteered, we donated, we voted. Our efforts helped deliver Biden the Presidency, returned Democrats to control of the House, and forced national Republicans and their allies to spend millions of dollars defending their once-safe Senate seat in Maine.

And though we couldn’t defeat Susan Collins this time, we didn’t stop working to elect Democrats to the Senate. The PDCC sprang into action for the Georgia runoffs and together we made over 5,500 phone calls to turn-out Democratic voters in Georgia.

THANK YOU to our organizers Amanda and Shivani, to their interns, and to every single Portland Democrat who joined one of our many phone-calling nights over the last month.

As Portland Democrats, we carry the torch. Victories like this take years of dedicated organizing. Now it’s our turn to register more Democratic voters in our communities, to remove every barrier to voting, and to make sure our local and state governments deliver results that embody our shared Democratic values.

Here are FOUR things we can do this month to prepare for the work ahead:

1. Make a donation to support the 2021 organizing work of the Portland Democratic City Committee. Donate here.

2. Attend the (virtual) MLK Day Teach-In and Call To Action hosted by the NAACP in Maine. Register here.

3. Bring your ideas and your voice to our first PDCC meeting of the year (Thursday January 21st, 6:30pm). Register here.

4. Join the first meeting of our new Voter Outreach Subcommittee to plan for voter outreach efforts all year long (Sunday January 24, 6:30pm). Register here.

With renewed hope and determination,