Next meeting: Sept. 10, 6:30pm

Our next monthly meeting is on Thursday, September 10 at 6:30 PM, and it will be one of our most action-packed and consequential meetings in recent memory.  Please RSVP here and review the agenda for the meeting here.

All registered Democrats in Portland are encouraged to attend and participate, in order that the votes we will be holding are truly reflective of the will of our membership.  As we plan to take multiple membership votes during this meeting, we will be limiting attendance to only registered Democrats in Portland, so it is imperative that you sign up beforehand.

The important discussions and membership votes that we will have during the meeting will include:
• The People First Portland campaign will join us to discuss the five referenda questions that they placed on the November municipal ballot, which include a $15 minimum wage, a facial surveillance ban, and a ban on non-owner-occupied short-term rental units. We will be taking membership votes on whether to endorse each of the referenda questions after vigorous member discussion of each.
• A discussion of the Portland Dems’ planned voter engagement and GOTV efforts in advance of November, including membership votes on expending funds for various efforts including a grants program for local organizations that interact with populations that are more difficult to reach, and a reimbursement fund for active volunteers. Full details are in the agenda.
• Ryder Kessler of the MDP’s Voter Protection team will join us to discuss efforts to protect our democracy in advance of November; additionally, the Portland Dems will share what we’ve been up to, including drafting a letter to state leaders calling for election reforms, and mobilizing 68 other municipal committees to join us, as well as calling for specific policy changes at the local level.
• A membership discussion on our plans to organize forums for all municipal races with multiple Democrats on the ballot.

All of the details about the items above and other agenda items are included here. Due to the lengthy agenda, we anticipate that this meeting will run from 6:30 – 8:30 PM, and due to the number of items that require a vote, we will be sticking to the time allotments listed.

It is imperative that we have a quorum for our next meeting so that we can have a robust discussion and take votes on action steps.  RSVP for our meeting here.