Next Meeting: Charter Commission & *Endorsement Vote*

In just two months it’s time to vote again here in Portland! On June 8th (and earlier), voters will decide who will represent us on the upcoming Portland Charter Commission. The commissioners elected on June 8th will work together to propose changes to Portland’s governing charter — truly shaping the future of our government, our city, and our lives!

As Portland Democrats, we want to make sure that Democratic values are shaping our future and our city’s charter. Join us on April 15 for a discussion about the Charter Commission, what’s at stake, and how the Portland Dems can get involved.

PDCC April Meeting:

Charter Commission Discussion

Thursday, April 15, 6:30-8:00pm

(Register here) (Agenda here)

Read a brief introduction to all the candidates from the Press Herald here

*Announcement of Endorsement Vote*

On April 15, 2021, the Portland Democratic City Committee will hold a discussion and vote regarding an endorsement for Marcques A. Houston for the position of District 4 Charter Commission Member. According to our bylaws, the PDCC may consider candidate endorsements when there is only one registered Democrat on the ballot for a certain elected office. Marcques Houston is the only registered Democrat running to represent District 4 in the Charter Commission.

All Portland residents who are present at the April 15 virtual meeting and currently enrolled in the Democratic Party may partake in the vote. An affirmative vote indicates support for PDCC endorsing Marcques Houston in District 4 at this time. A negatory vote indicates lack of support for PDCC endorsing Marcques Houston in District 4 at this time. Persons may also vote “present” or abstain from voting.

We’ve been writing postcards. Join us!

Help us reach out to Democratic Portland voters. Next Voter Outreach meeting is Sunday, April 18, 6:30-7:30pm. (Meeting Link)

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Thank you,

Charles, PDCC Chair