Meet the new Chair and Vice Chair of the state party!

As Portland Democrats, we welcome to the state party our new Chair Drew Gattine and our new Vice Chair Bev Uhlenhake! Please take a moment to watch their brief introductory videos provided below.

Drew and Bev are ready to get to work – and so are we.

At PDCC, we know that electing Democrats in Maine requires local organizing efforts over the long term. That’s why we’re staying committed to collective action by jump-starting three committee efforts: Voter Outreach, Community Building, and Platform & Issues.

But we need you to do it. As a local democratic committee, nothing gets done unless local Democrats get involved.

So get involved! Use this interest form to learn more about our new committee efforts and add your own ideas as well.

Fill out the PDCC 2021 interest form here!

Meet Drew Gattine, MDP Chair

Meet Bev Uhlenhake, MDP Vice Chair

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