May 5 Meeting: Portland’s Crumbling Elementary Schools

Download the Agenda [PDF]

Download the Meeting Minutes [PDF]

Due to an important school board meeting on the original night of this next meeting of the PDCC, we’ve had to change the date so that everyone can attend both.

Also, we know there’s a March for Bernie on this night that a lot of people want to attend. We’ve decided to start the PDCC meeting at 7pm (instead of 6pm) so that people can attend most – if not all – of that march.

AGENDA: This meeting of the PDCC will include guest speakers and a slideshow about Portland’s crumbling elementary schools. Afterwards will be a short discussion of the newly-established subcommittees and other committee business.

WHEN: May 5 @ 7pm

WHERE: The State of Maine room at Portland City Hall

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email