Endorsement Announcement & Getting Out the Vote!

A huge thank you to the over 100 Portland Democrats who attended our monthly meeting on Thursday to discuss our GOTV plans, learn about and vote whether to endorse the People’s First Portland questions on our November ballot, and hear an update on voter protection.

We had a vigorous discussion about each of the local referenda questions. In the end, these are the results of our membership votes – which reflects only the views of the Portland Democratic City Committee, and not any other Democratic Party or candidate:

  • The PDCC voted to endorse the facial surveillance ban, rent stabilization, and local “Green New Deal” ballot questions.  Learn more about those proposals here.
  • The PDCC voted to postpone an endorsement vote on the $15 / $22.50 minimum wage proposal to our October meeting.
  • The PDCC voted not to issue an endorsement on the short-term rental ballot question.

There was also unanimous support for the PDCC’s Get Out the Vote expenditure plan for the next two months. This plan includes equipping local organizations who reach historically disenfranchised populations with the resources they need to share election information, establishing a reimbursement fund for active volunteers, and promoting information about the election through various media channels. All of these efforts keep in mind our ultimate goal of turning out as many Portland voters as possible this November to support our Democratic candidates.  We still need to raise more money to make this plan a reality.   Will you donate here?

If the global health pandemic, the relentless assaults on our democratic institutions, and the brutal killing of Black lives are not enough to make this November’s election feel like the most important in history – the immense and catastrophic wildfires in the Western U.S. have reminded us that our very existence continues to be jeopardized by climate change as well. This will be an election that for decades to come we will be asked what we did to alter the course of history.  And right now, there are still thousands of undecided voters in Portland and across the state trying to choose between Trump and Biden, and Collins and Gideon.  Will you sign up for one of our Portland Dems Tuesday night phone banks? To do so, click here and choose the 6-8pm option on any upcoming Tuesday!