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Meet the Democratic candidates for mayor

The Portland mayoral race, with 15 people running and a brand-new form of voting, may be enough to overwhelm even the most dedicated citizens and voters! We’d like to encourage you to narrow down your choices to the Democratic candidates, all of whom are part of a party that represents the core values of Portland — equality, diversity, openness and opportunity.

The Democrats in the race are listed below, in alphabetical order. (Links go to their campaign Web sites.)

Michael Brennan
Peter Bryant
Ralph Carmona
Jill Duson
Hamza Haadoow
Jodie Lapchick
Nick Mavodones
Jed Rathband
Ethan Strimling

People’s Veto: Help Preserve Maine Voting Rights!

We need your help now. As the email below described, we are going to be working as part of a coalition to enact a people’s veto of the repeal of same day voter registration. We will be working to get this on the ballot this November. In order to do so, the coalition members have the goal of collecting 71,500 signatures by early August.

The signature-gathering process will begin this Saturday, the 9th. There is going to be a training at the offices of the Maine People’s Alliance in Portland, at 565 Congress Street, Suite 200, on Saturday, July 9, at 9:00 AM. We would encourage everyone who is willing to volunteer and gather signatures to attempt to attend this training, to insure that everything is done properly. Petitions will be ready, available and distributed at this meeting. If you are unable to attend the training and are willing to volunteer to gather even a few signatures, please let us know and we’ll make arrangements to get petitions to you. We encourage you to volunteer, even a couple of hours…Every signature that you gather gets us closer to our goal.