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How to Influence the Leg. Process, with Rep. Sam Zager

Our voices matter, and they can make a difference.

Democrats leading our state in Augusta will soon be starting a new legislative session to consider a slate of bills, and our voices could make the difference for what they pass into law here in Maine.

Join the Portland Democrats on Thursday, December 16, for a workshop with Portland Rep. Sam Zager (Dem – HD 41) on “How to Influence the Legislative Process.”

Mainers elected Democrats to lead the way, and we still have an opportunity to deliver even more for our state in the 2022 legislative session. Let’s learn about how to get involved, and work together to raise our voices and make a difference.

(Click here to browse the list of bills the legislature will consider in 2022)

PDCC December Meeting

“How to Influence the Legislative Process”

with Rep. Sam Zager

Thursday, December 16, 6:30-8:00pm

(Agenda Here) (Zoom Registration Link Here)

And are you getting anxious or excited about the 2022 election already coming soon? We can make the difference, together. Join our next Voter Outreach meeting on Dec. 19 to start planning ideas for voter outreach in 2022!

PDCC Voter Outreach Meeting

Sunday, December 19, 6:30-7:30pm

(Zoom Link to Join Here)

It’s time to vote!

Portland Democratic City Committee

Election Day is here, and it’s up to all of us to get out and vote! There are a number of important questions on the ballot, as well as elections for City Council, school board, and other local positions.

Polls are open in Portland from 7:00AM to 8:00PM. Look up your polling place with your address here, or browse the list of polling places for each precinct here.

And remember, you can register to vote tomorrow at the polls! Just bring a proof of identity and a proof of residency.



Three of the candidates running for City Council At-Large are Democrats. Please rank these three candidates first (in whichever order you prefer) to help elect Democrats!

(Travis’ website here)                (Brandon’s website here)           (Roberto’s website here)

PDCC Endorsement Results on 2021 Ballot Questions

Last night, PDCC membership had a spirited discussion regarding some of the referendum questions on this year’s ballot. We heard from advocates on each proposal, discussed the issues, and took a vote. Thank you to everyone who participated, and especially all the advocates who took their time to attend and share their information. Here are the results from the endorsement votes that were held:

Question 1 – Yes on 1: The measure to endorse Yes on 1 did not pass. (13 y, 13 n)

Question 1 – No on 1: The measure to endorse No on 1 did not pass. (13 y, 14 n)

Shelter Question – Option A: The measure to endorse Option A passed. By a majority vote of members present, PDCC endorses Option A. (19 y, 7 n)

Shelter Question – Option B: The measure to endorse Option B did not pass. (4 y, 21 n)

Shelter Question – Option C: The measure to endorse Option C did not pass. (9 y, 17 n)

As the Portland Dems, we want to help each other make informed decisions and seek opportunities to collectively influence the public decision-making process. Thank you to everyone who participated in this effort last night.

Please make sure to vote by Nov. 2! Here is a link to Portland’s election page, where you can find a sample ballot with the wording of Options A, B, and C.

In addition to Question 1, there are two other State Referendum questions on the ballot. You can find the wording of each here on the State’s election page.

Charles (PDCC Chair)