Petition To Amend the Bylaws of The Portland Democratic City Committee

As the membership of the PDCC has charged the the Bylaws committee to revise the PDCC Bylaws to better reflect their values and priorities with regard to the Committee’s affairs, and as the current mechanisms for handling these affairs have been assessed to be cumbersome and inefficient,

In accordance with the PDCC Bylaws Article X, Amendment of Bylaws, here are proposed the following amendments to the PDCC Bylaws, for review by the membership, to be put to a vote today, July 12, 2018:

  1. To change all references to “Chairperson” and “Vice Chairperson”  to “Chair” and “Vice Chair” throughout the entirety of the Bylaws.


  1. To amend Article V, as follows (new, added language in boldface, removals struck through):


Section 1.              Officers of City Committee.

The officers of the City Committee shall consist of a Chairperson or two Co-Chairs, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.


Section 2.              Chairperson.

The Chairperson is the Chief Executive Officer of the City Committee, with responsibility for all executive functions of the City Committee.  The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the City Committee and Executive Committee. “Co-Chairs” is understood to apply to all references to the “Chair” in these bylaws. Co-chairs will share one vote for the purposes of Executive Committee votes.


  1. To amend Article VI, Election of Officers, as follows (new, added language in boldface, removals struck through):


Section 2.              Voting Procedures.

The voting procedure shall be as follows: (1) (a) nominations shall be taken from the floor; (b) the members present shall elect the officers in any contested election by a majority vote via paper ballots; and (c) should no one candidate obtain a majority on the first ballot, the two candidates with the highest vote totals shall have their names placed before the City Committee for a second ballot.


Section 3.              Filling of Vacancy.

(a)  In the event of a vacancy in any of the offices, a special election shall be held at the next regular meeting of the City Committee.  The same procedures specified in Section 2 of this Article VI shall govern. (b) In the event of a vacancy in the position of Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson shall be acting Chairperson until the election is held.  (c) In the event of a vacancy in any other office, the Chairperson shall appoint a member to be an acting officer until the election is held. (d) In the event of a vacancy of 2 or more officers, a continuing officer may be permitted to stand for election for an additional officer position to be held until such time as another qualified person or people stand for election held for this position, or 2 months, whichever comes first. In this event, an officer may not serve as both Chair and Vice Chair, or Chair and Treasurer.


This Petition To Amend the Bylaws of the PDCC has been respectfully submitted by the PDCC Bylaws committee to the PDCC membership for vote 4/3/2018.