AUTHOR: Joe Zamboni

Vote Result: Portland Dems endorse temporary indoor mask mandate

Thank you to everyone who participated in the PDCC Special Meeting this evening. At the end of our discussion, the members present took a vote and decided to endorse a temporary indoor mask mandate at this time.

By means of this member vote, the Portland Democratic City Committee approves the following resolution:

“In response to the public health crisis caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Portland Democratic City Committee endorses the adoption of a citywide indoor mask mandate considered by the Portland City Council on September 20, 2021, and calls upon the Council to affirm passage of this important safety measure at its next opportunity.”

We encourage the Portland City Council to approve a temporary indoor mask mandate at their upcoming meeting on October 4. If anyone wishes to attend the City Council’s Monday night meeting and add your perspective during the public comment period, you may find the information to do so here.

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Should Portland adopt an indoor mask mandate? Vote tonight

Should Portland adopt an indoor mask mandate, to help limit the spread of Covid-19?

This question is coming before the City Council at their meeting tomorrow. So tonight, Portland Democrats are going to meet and discuss the issue. If you care about whether or not we have a temporary indoor mask mandate in our city, please join the discussion and participate in the vote. We want to hear everyone’s perspective on this topic that impacts all of our lives.

Discussion & VOTE: Indoor Mask Mandate

*TONIGHT* Sunday Oct. 3

6:30-8:00pm, over Zoom

(Register Here) (Agenda Here)

To be eligible to vote in this Special Meeting, you must be present at the virtual meeting; you must meet both of these requirements: a) Portland resident, b) registered to vote as a Democrat; and you must meet either of these requirements: c) attended the 2020 Portland Democratic Caucus, d) attended at least one regular Portland Dems meeting or subcommittee meeting.

An affirmative vote indicates support for PDCC endorsing an indoor mask mandate at this time. A negatory vote indicates lack of support for PDCC endorsing an indoor mask mandate at this time. Persons may also vote “present”.

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Portland Dems at ‘First Friday’ this week!

We have a great opportunity this week to gain visibility in the community and grow our base of voters, activists, and advocates: come to Portland’s ‘First Friday Art Walk’!

This Friday, Oct 1, from 5-8pm, we’ll be putting on a Portland Dems “pop-up” display on Congress St. to interact with Portland residents and let them know how they can get involved with the Portland Dems. You can participate by helping us plan, setup and staff the table, or even just walking over and saying hi on Friday!

Help Plan >> Come to the Voter Outreach meeting tonight (Monday) at 6:30pm (join link here)

Help setup/staff >> Email Meg at

Hope to see some of you at the planning meeting tonight, and especially on Friday!

Charles (Chair, PDCC)