Attention Portland: Democrats all over Maine need YOU!

Democrats all over Maine need YOU!

Every two years, Democratic volunteers, activists, and leaders from around the state gather at the State Convention to set the direction of the Democratic Party in Maine. With the largest concentration of Democratic voters in the state, Portland has a crucial role to play in shaping and advancing our party.

It’s always discouraging to feel like the future is out of our control. This is one way we can work together to shape the future of our party and of our state. Don’t give up!

Please join other Portland Democrats in serving as Delegates this year.

Sign up by Sunday to represent Portland as a Delegate at the State Convention in May! Participating in the convention is a great way to join with other volunteers and activists around the state in making sure our Maine Democratic Party reflects our values. This year you can participate 100% virtually from home, or in-person in Bangor.

Any registered Democrat can sign up, so you are all more than qualified!

Sign up by Feb. 20 at