At last night’s meeting I made an important announcement: I’m stepping down as Chair at the end of this month because I’m running for State Representative in District 119.

Our standing bylaws require that elected officers remain neutral in contested Democratic primaries. I have been honored to serve as Chair of the Portland Democrats and proud of what we have accomplished together. I remain committed to the mission of building our party from the ground-up and the crucial task of mobilizing the Democratic voter turnout need to re-elect Democrats to leadership in our state. I will continue to advance these goals in my own campaign, and together with all of you as fellow members of PDCC.

On April 1, Vice Chair Meg Harned will assume the role of Acting Chair until the election of a new Chairperson. There will be an election for Chair at our next regular meeting, Thursday, April 21 at 6:30pm (register).

If you live in District 119 (downtown, Munjoy Hill, islands) you can learn about my campaign and that of Susanne Robins, who has also filed to run as a Democrat. Regardless of which district you live in, please support *all* your Democratic Clean-Election Candidates with a quick $5 donation online here.


Charles, PDCC Chair

March Action with Portland Dems

Here are some actions you can take to further our democracy and our Democratic values!

1. Donate $5 to the Clean Election Fund for candidates running clean election campaigns in your district. Donate $5 online here.

2. Attend the next PDCC Voter Outreach meeting, TONIGHT at 6:30pm (join). Email for information