Read the Portland Democrats Bylaws. These are the governing documents for how the PDCC operates.

Read the Portland Democrats Platform, passed in October 2017. This is an overview of PDCC’s beliefs, policy stances, and priorities.

Ways to contact the PDCC:
-Write to us at chair (at)
-Mail us at PDCC, P.O. Box 1725, Portland, ME 04104

Executive Committee

  • Chair: Charles Skold
    • email:
  • Vice Chair: Mohamed Abdirahman
    • email:
  • Treasurer: Kim Walter
    • email:
  • Secretary: Joseph Zamboni
    • email:
  • Chair, Finance Subcommittee: Joseph Zamboni
  • Chair, Bylaws and Organization Subcommittee: Gwynne Williams
  • Chair, Programs and Issues Subcommittee: [vacant]

Other Officers

  • Chair, Communications Subcommittee: [vacant]
  • Chair, Organizing Subcommittee: [vacant]
  • Chair, Events Subcommittee: [vacant]

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